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Speical Offer - Border Stake Lights - 2 for £!0
Speical Offer - Border Stake Lights - 2 for £!0

Norfolk Leisure Langham Large Corner With Bench + Stool

Original price £1,999.00 - Original price £1,999.00
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£1,999.00 - £1,999.00
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Introducing the Langham Large Corner Set – where comfort, versatility, and style unite to transform your outdoor living space. This set features a 150x89cm transitional table, perfect for both coffee time and dining, along with a convenient bench seat + stool to maximize your space. With a sleek ceramic tabletop and deep-filled Smoke Grey cushions, it elevates your outdoor experience, creating an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere.

The slate grey ceramic/glass top is not only visually striking but also highly functional. It boasts exceptional weather resistance, scratch-proof durability, and ease of cleaning, making it the perfect surface for outdoor use.

Fully Round UV protected wicker will retain it's colour and strength. And adds a tactile appeal to the overall style of the Set.

Shower-Resistant Cushions with 'Easy Care' Stain Protection: The cushions come with a built-in shower-resistant plastic coating and 'easy care' stain protection, ensuring they can withstand moisture, sudden rain showers, and accidental spills. This feature makes your outdoor seating worry-free in changing weather conditions and during outdoor gatherings.

Chair/Stool 109cm x 38cm x 35/44cm
Sofa/Corner Bench 128cm x 84cm x 80cm
Sofa/Corner Bench 190cm x 84cm x 80cm
Corner 113cm x 113cm x 80cm
Table: 150cm x 90m x 76/50cm

Please note this set will also include a stool (not pictured)